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The sound mystic

My intention is to create spaces with intuitive music that flows through me, in which these inner dimensions can be explored and the truths within discovered. It fills me with great joy to be able to accompany people in their processes and support them in connecting with their heart and soul and understanding themselves better. This can be done simply by opening the heart with music, or through deep process work in which we work through all the undigested things that still hang in the system, let it go and install a new alignment in the subconscious.

My gift is to simply take things as they are and be in a loving presence with them. This allows me to accompany clients on their journey, both into the deepest, roughest waters and to blissful heights, whatever is needed.

Music has always been an important part of my life, but it took me a while to release my own entanglements and beliefs enough to be ready to recognise and fully embrace this gift. When an initiation in 2011 connected music with my spiritual path, a whole new dimension opened up for me and my life changed radically. From that point on I realised a much deeper connection between sound, music, intuition and healing, and I felt a deep and lasting calling for this intuitive work, which fills me with gratitude and love the more I share it with the world.

I perform intuitive concerts solo or with international artists such as Estas Tonne, Netanel Goldberg, Sascha Vaymer, Cataleya Fay and others, and create collaborative spaces with healers and teachers such as Damien Wynne, Chuck Spezzano, Andreas Goldemann, Sascha Tetzlaff and others. With my own "Sound Healing Spaces" I accompany people in workshops and retreats on their path to meet their true essence, and to rediscover their self-empowerment and life purpose.

Several recordings on CD and online sessions have been released, you can find more information here: | |


"Thank you for this amazing journey yesterday in Heft. Amazing, beautiful, wonderful. Full of heart, depths & highs."

Jeanne S.

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