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Growing up in Celle, Lower Saxony, loving father of two sons and a daughter, I made my own experiences of separation, pain and powerlessness at an early age. These experiences of life were not brought into my cradle by chance and influenced my predominant thinking, feeling and acting.


The path to myself through encounters with others and above all with myself, which was and is the greatest challenge in my life, led me to New Zealand, among other places. Here I had the honour of living with members of the indigenous population and experiencing their culture as well as the Haka, the ritual dance of the Maori. A particularly close connection to the Haka, the ritual dance of the Maori, is a gift that very few people have.

In India, on the other hand, a local scholar accompanied me on my (inner & outer) journey through the high mountains of the Himalayas. Here I learned about devotion to life and belief in one's own greatness. I didn't just specialise in it, it came to me, was experienced and resides deep in my heart.

I live my life as a coach with this power. I bundle this overwhelming elemental power of indigenous culture and make it accessible to western culture in my own way.

... with me as a companion I invite people on an unusually powerful journey and remind them who they really can be.

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During a weekend seminar with Sascha, I have discovered a new and immense power. A power that resides within myself and across all my relatives. Moreover, it has truly been an honor to be introduced to the Maoris' culture, tradition and wisdom.

Vincent . 36 . Dänemark

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