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Our first meeting in Corfu was magical. Felt familiarity and the bond that also showed in the connection of our sons. Over the years, this developed into a deep, honest and authentic male friendship. A friendship that also had a direct influence on both our work. Inspired by the silence on a warm summer night by the sea, the idea of Haka meets Medicine Music was born.


Inspired by the values & way of life of the New Zealand natives and the transformational power that lies in sound and in discovering one's own intuition, together we developed the format Haka meets medicine Music, a dance meditation that enables men and women to become aware of their elemental power beyond ideas and concepts.


With our work we want to create more awareness for a reconnection with our inner power, naturalness & self-empowerment that is often lost in our western modern world.


I am touched by stories that are truly lived and experienced far away from glitter and glamour. True and full of emotion, simply pure!


All truth already is within us. With the help of sounds we can dive into dimensions that are otherwise difficult for us to access. When we immerse ourselves in the flowing current of sound and enter paths beyond the judgmental mind, new doors open that we never expected to exist.

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